I'm Not a DJ

I'm Not a DJ - kING kRASH

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1. Party & BullShit (Biggie Smalls Remix)
2. Roc the Mic (Freeway and Beanie Sigel Remix)
3. Luchini (Camp Lo Remix)
4. Da Art of Story Tellin' (OutKast Remix)
5. 60 Bar Dash (Sean Price Remix)
6. Coke & Wet (SPANKROCK Remix)
7. Diamonds (Slim Thug Remix)
8. Vomit (MF Doom Remix)
9. When You Hear That (Beanie Sigel, Peedi Crakk, and ODB Remix)
10. Don't Trip (Lil' Wayne and Trina Remix)
11. Get Close (Plastic Little Remix)

The HamBone Sessions

The HamBone Sessions - kING kRASH

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1. Now You Are a Woman
2. Bum, Bum, Bum
3. Clown
4. Um-Um, Is-Um
5. Sandwich
6. Gov'na
7. Intro to...
8. HamBone
9. Smoke Break
10. Plate
11. No Girl Pretty
12. Transitor Radio
13. Wrong #, Knuckles
14. Killing the Track, and Winning
15. Slept Eternal
Right Down to the Quick
Right Down to the Quick - kING kRASH

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1. And His Name Is Me
2. Bow Your Head
3. For Her (And Another Round for Me)
4. Mass Shit
5. First a Word
6. Flying Bum Ring
7. Inherit the Wind (feat. Handsome)
8. Me and a Breeze / Signed Phenomenal
9. Take a Break
10. Gental O.G.
11. The MPC's Been Drinkin' (Not Me)
12. It's the Come Up See
13. Big Country vs. Ghetto Calypso
14. Who You Calling a Goliwog
15. Me, Oli, and Al
16. My Ten Foot Pole
17. Some Books Wanna Holler
18. Crunchin' Munchin' (feat. Handsome)
19. Moonlite